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Sixteen Cypress

Sixteen Cypress Dressage Pad

Sixteen Cypress Dressage Pad

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We love this Sixteen Cypress Dressage Pad for its durability and sleek look that is designed to complement not only the horse but the rider and tack as well. 

This dressage pad is built for high performance, featuring contoured wither relief, moisture-wicking lining and durable shape support. The outer liner is 100% cotton and gives a natural breathability. The lining is a soft sport mesh which compliments the leather alternative finish giving the supporting pad more structure and durability. And with adjustable girth straps this dressage pad is a must have.

  • High Performance 

  • Contoured Wither Relief

  • Moisture-Wicking Lining & Durable Shape Support

  • 100% Cotton Outer Liner

  • Lining is a Soft Sport Mesh

  • Leather Alternative Finish

  • Breathable & Durable

  • Adjustable Girth Straps

  • Machine Washable

  • Use a Stiff Brush to Remove Horse Hair

  • Wash Cold or Lukewarm (40° Max)

  • Hang for Fast Drying After Washing or Post Riding

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