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Acavallo Wither-Free Hexagonal Felt Pad 5mm

Acavallo Wither-Free Hexagonal Felt Pad 5mm

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We love the combination of the materials in this unique and shock-absorbing pad. The Acavallo Withers Free Hexagonal Gel Pad is combined with a 5mm thick wool felt pad to create a strong and natural feel.

Felt is one of the most ancient fabrics, very natural and strong combined with the new Acavallo® gel technology. It does not compress the withers, helps to prevent problems by distributing weight evenly, provides comfort to the horse’s back while maintaining contact with the saddle.

Its aesthetical design and ergonomic shape make it the ideal pad for riders, using a custom-made saddle for their horse who want to feel the true benefit of an ultra-close contact.

  • Colors: Black
  • One Size Fits All.
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