Acavallo Spine Free, Close Contact and Memory Foam Half Pad - Silicon Grip

It’s now available- the new premium version of Acavallo spine free pads.  The former version has been upgraded by using an exclusive new outer fabric: Louvre.

The name of the collection, reminding of the famous French museum, is due to its uniqueness and preciousness.  Indeed, the new fabric differentiates itself from the other materials by its shininess and silky touch.  The new variant is not only aesthetically more elegant but also more anatomic, resulting in enhanced comfort.

The new version maintains the vital technical features of the previous one: the 3D spacer central insert and the memory foam lining. The 3D spacer central insert enables freedom of movement and allows maximum airflow under the saddle. The memory foam lining absorbs shocks, eliminates rubbing and perfectly adapts to the horse’s body.

The Louvre spine free pads collection also features a new Silicon Grip system, which allows better saddle adherence and stability.

The Louvre spine free pads collection is machine washable up to 30°C using a mild detergent. Do not spin or tumble dry.

  • Made in Italy
  • One Size Fits All