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Acavallo Gel Nose Or Poll Guard

Acavallo Gel Nose Or Poll Guard

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We love the Acavallo Gel and/or Poll Guard for the simple fact that this pad is can be used on either the Poll or the Jaw, providing cushion and evenly distributing pressure making your horse more comfortable while riding. 

The Gel Nose Or Poll Guard made by Acavallo offers vital protection from rubbing and chafing when pressure from bridle straps is required.

When used on the noseband, the gel cushions the jaw and distributes the pressure evenly across the noseband. As well as enabling the rider to use training equipment on sensitive horses that may not be able to be used otherwise. 

 When used as a poll guard, the gel protects the horse poll area between the horse’s ears. Excellent for thin-skinned or sensitive horses. The gel pad distributes pressure over the sensitive poll area when used on the headpiece. This is a particularly sensitive area because the poll is the bony point where the spinal cord is attached to the skull and is susceptible to injury.

Available in Black or Brown

This product is sold as a single piece that may be used in multiple places. 

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