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Horse boots and leg wraps offer protection and support your horse’s hooves and legs. We carry a wide selection, including front boots, back boots, hock boots, knee boots, tendon boots, standing wraps, polo wraps, and therapeutic items. All our products are high-quality, from brands like EquiFit, Acavallo, and Eskadron. Enjoy free shipping on orders over $50.

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Horse Boots Protect Your Horse’s Legs

Horse boots are used during training or turnout to protect a horse’s lower legs from concussion and injury. Front boots help protect the horse’s splint bones, which are especially sensitive to concussion on young horses and those in heavy training. They also protect against trauma if the horse runs into a rail or training obstacle.


There are many boots to choose from based on your discipline, level of training, and your horse’s conformation. Open front boots are a popular choice for show jumpers and hunters since they allow the horse to feel when it’s too close to the jumps. Closed front boots are a popular choice with many dressage and combined training event riders. The athletic effort required for these disciplines is intense, and the closed front style offers more coverage and protection while going cross country or schooling the intricate movements and precision required for dressage. If your horse has close conformation and is causing scrapes and cuts at the fetlocks, either style would be a great choice to offer additional protection while being ridden.


Hind boots come in two different styles: a full coverage style similar to a closed front boot, designed for the hind legs, or a fetlock boot, which is a smaller version generally designed with a strike plate on the inside to protect your horses fetlocks. Fetlock boots are most commonly used for schooling or show jumping competitions.


Hoof boots are a great option when your horse throws a shoe and you need to protect the hoof while you wait for your farrier (horseshoer) but also feed your horse’s need for turnout. The boots keep your horse’s foot protected from being damaged by rough play at turnout. Boots are also popular with trail and endurance riders when negotiating rocky or rough terrain.


Another boot option that is very common on most shod horses is Bell Boots. These boots go over the horse’s hooves and assist in preventing your horse from striking its heels or losing shoes. These boots are available in a variety of colors and styles, including pull-on, velcro closure, heavy-duty, and fur-lined.


Horse Leg Wraps Provide Protection From Injury

Horse leg wraps are useful to protect the horse’s legs from stress and strain as well as debris that could cause abrasions. They help prevent injury during vigorous runs or activity, particularly as a horse is building its strength. They also help keep your horse’s legs clean. Wraps are made specifically for use during activity or designed for horses resting in the stable.


Having trouble deciding what type of boot or wrap you need? Be sure to check out our guide that explains the different types of horse boots, or give us a call at 864-457-3557. Our shop’s team is made up of experienced English riders who have a thorough understanding of horse boots and wraps and an intimate knowledge of the products we carry.