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Equifit Essential Cold Therapy Tendon Boots

Equifit Essential Cold Therapy Tendon Boots

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We love the Equifit Essential Cold Therapy Tendon Boot because it is pliable when frozen and wraps around the leg easily. 

Your solution to finding a way to provide cold therapy down to the ankle in one easy boot. Help keep injuries at bay and provide much-needed support to the hard-working horse or those with any stiffness, soreness, or swelling.

  • Anatomical design extends cooling benefits to the ankle
  • Insulating foam rubber keeps gel cold
  • Gel stays in place on the leg so you have cold where you need it
  • Durable hook and loop closures provide a secure fit for close contact
  • Place in freezer until cold
  • Horse and Pony size
  • Sold As a Pair 
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