Hoof Sock

We love this hoof sock because it makes working with a hoof so much easier. 
No more duct tape for abscesses, stone bruises or other hoof ailments! Use with a poultice, hoof pack or other hoof medicines. Use for punctures, stone bruises, abscesses, thrush, severe cracks and other hoof ailments.

The Hoof Sock is so easy to put on and take off. Simply slip it on and secure with industrial Touch Tape reinforced tabs. The boot is made of ballistic nylon, to stand up to use in the stall or for light turnout. The Hoof Sock ships with a removable foam insert for comfort, plus a felt insert for medicinal soaking. The Hoof Sock is machine washable. This product is a real time saver!
  • X-Large - 6" (15.20cm)
  • Black