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Equifit is a Massachusetts-based company that focuses on technologically-advanced products for top riders and horses throughout the world. They’re especially well-known for the Equifit boots — horse boots, hind boots, and bell boots. The brand has developed a loyal following due to its revolutionary technologies that improve the comfort of the horse. You’ll have complete confidence that your horse is well-cared-for with EquiFit products. 

Why You’ll Love EquiFit

The EquiFit product line centers on a material called T-Foam, a shock-absorbing material that conforms to each horse’s body for a custom fit. Other technologies include ImpacTeq, designed to absorb extreme impact and keep the horse’s body cool, GelTherapy, which helps prevent or relieve skin irritations by gradually releasing medical-grade mineral oil to moisturize and condition skin, and AgSilver Power, which holds off viruses and molds. These powerful technologies ensure that you and your horse are as comfortable as possible while riding.

Popular Products

The original EquiFit MultiTeq Front Boot with SheepsWool ImpacTeq liners is an enduring customer favorite. The EquiFit D-Teq Hind Boot also features ImpacTeq and has an anatomically molded out shell, virtually unbreakable shock absorber, three 1.25″ wide straps to eliminate pressure points, with a secure fit and classic styling. EquiFit’s ImpacTec Saddle Pad is also a popular pick. 

What Others Are Saying

“My favorite boots for the equitation are hands down my Equifit EqTeq’s. They give great protection while looking super classy for the show ring.” - Emily A.

“I swear the greatest invention ever was Equifit’s Pack N’ Stick Hoof Tape. No more duct tape for packing hooves?? GENIUS!” - Samantha R.