EGO7 tall boot sizing and style

Tucci EGO7 Tall Boot Guide: Sizing, Fit, Styles

A good riding boot protects your lower leg and gives you better support while you ride, so it’s hard to overstate their importance. However, quality boots are an investment — you’ll want to purchase a brand that uses reliable materials and builds boots to last. For those who want a custom boot at a traditional boot price point, Tucci offers the exceptional EGO7 brand. In this guide, we’ll break down EGO7 tall boot sizing, how to correctly measure for a pair of EGO7 boots, along with looking at the popular styles. Our goal is to help you select the right one for you. Fair warning — everyone who buys a pair of EGO7 tall boots absolutely loves them!

Selecting a Good Riding Boot

Horse-riding boots aren’t like boots designed for other activities. They have safety features specifically for riding a horse. Horse-riding boots have a sturdy toe box to protect the toes from injury. They also have a smooth or lightly-textured sole, with a small heel designed to keep the rider’s foot from sliding through the stirrup. A quality pair of horse-riding boots is a must to keep you safe while riding.

Why EGO7 Boots?

Tucci is an Italian company built around innovative principles of elegant and impeccable design. Tucci created the EGO7 performance boot to be comfortable, functional, and durable. Regardless of the riding discipline, EGO7 boots are crafted to help the riders wearing them achieve peak performance.

Tucci’s unique brand identity includes a drive to excel, supporting equestrians striving for outstanding results. By turning innovation into art, they’ve crafted a luxuriously efficient design. EGO7 boots include a three-level spur rest for customization and smart guide in the front panel to help encourage a "heels-down" position. The boots are built to last, incorporate the latest innovation and technology, and are simply gorgeous.

EGO7 Boot Sizing

EGO7s are designed to fit like custom boots, which is why there are so many sizing options. EGO7 boots include foot size, calf size, and height.  

Note that any boot takes time, work, and patience to break in and fit like a glove. 

EGO7 boots will initially feel too tall and very tight around your calf. Because of the height, they will hit you at the back of your knee until they break in. It may feel like you’ve selected the wrong size, and you may be inclined to go a size larger, but don’t! We promise that once these boots are broken in, they will be the right size for you. 

How To Measure for Your EGO7 Tall Boots

To take measurements for your EGO 7 boot, put on your favorite breeches and the socks that you’ll wear with them. It’s a good idea to get some help from a friend or family member, to make sure you get the measurements while in a natural position.

  1. First, find a flexible measuring tape that includes centimeters.
  2. Next, identify a level place to stand on. 
  3. Standing with your knees slightly bent, measure from the back of your knee to the floor for the height you need. 
  4. Then, measure around the widest part of your calf for the width, making sure the tape fits snugly.
  5. Last, select your foot size. 

EGO7 boots are European-sized, and though they have no half-sizes, their boots come with two footbeds. If the boots feel too tight, simply take one footbed out to get more room. 

When you put on a pair of boots that you measured perfectly, you’ll notice a couple of things. First, the zipper will be really tight, and you’ll have to carefully work it up your calf, pulling on the sides of the zipper. If the zipper goes up easily right out of the box, they are too big. Second, you’ll notice that the boots feel too tall. The boots drop 2 cm as you break them in, so they should feel too tall when you first wear them. After a few rides, they will be a perfect and custom fit.

This great video with our EGO7 rep, Amy MacDonald, walks you through all you need to know to get the proper size for your EGO7 boots. She includes some really helpful tips for sizing and getting them on for the first time.

EGO7 Size Chart

EGO7 boots are crafted for a custom fit when you follow the instructions. Compare the measurements to this size chart and find your next pair. 

EGO7 Tall Boot Size Chart 

EGO7 Tall Boots

EGO7 boots will make a strong statement in the show ring with their elegant and sleek look. We carry two styles of the EGO7 tall boots, and we love them!

EGO 7 Aries Dress Boot ($499)

EGO7 Aries Dress Boot

These boots don’t just look good — they’re crafted with many thoughtful design features as well. These features include a rear elastic band to ensure comfort, a glove-like fit, and freedom of movement. They are made of soft, flexible leather, and they have a breathable elastic band and anti-shock soles to keep you comfortable while you ride. The full-length panel protects your inner calf, and the stitched toecap and modern Spanish topline don’t sacrifice style for comfort.

EGO 7 Orion Field Boot ($499)

EGO7 Orion Field Boot

If you prefer a field boot, the EGO7 Orion has got you covered! This lace-up jumping boot is made of full-grain leather with elastic laces that have an extra-soft leather front. The Orion boot has a rear elastic band for a custom fit, flexibility, and comfort, with the same features as the dress boot for performance, comfort, and durability.  

EGO7 Tall Boot Reviews


My experience began with speaking with staff at Farm House Tack to review my measurements to ensure the best fit. Days later the new boots arrived and fit like a glove made for me straight out of the box. I wore them for about an hour at home and finally took them to the barn today. Very comfortable and zero problems dropping my heels in brand new boots. Indeed, the boots were superb at helping me to keep my foot in position, so a lot of stability in them. The ankles started dropping almost immediately, so no chafing behind the knee. And I love the padded heel protector! The final thing I will say is I absolutely love the spur rests. My spurs sit securely in a predictable spot, so the boy knew what he was being asked to do immediately. On days that he is a little hot, I can choose less contact with my spur. And after a really hard ride, I am happy to say I do not have a blister anywhere. I do, however, have some sore calf muscles and Achillestendons because I don’t think my heels have ever been able to drop this much. Well worth the price. I want another pair just for schooling.

- Sandra S. on the EGO 7 Orion Field Boots, January 2021


I love these boots. I’m saving them for show season but wow I’ve worn them 3 times and already 50% broken in. I recommend them. They also are beautifully presented

-Rayelin R. on the EGO 7 Orion Field Boots, March 2021

A Custom Fit Without the Custom Fit Price

If you’re going to make the investment in tall horse-riding boots, why not select a pair with a custom fit? EGO7 boots won’t disappoint, as they’re gorgeous and super comfortable once they’re broken in. We were the first store in the U.S. to offer them, and we still adore this brand along with our customers and staff. Treat yourself to a pair with their captivating Italian design, and be the envy of all the other riders!

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