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Show Awards No One Wants to Win

A few weeks ago we asked our followers to share some of the award ideas that no one wants to win. We received many exciting and very funny responses! We’ve compiled a collection of the most popular ones to share.

Brandy J.

“First to break away from the trailer”

Lindsay W.

“Fewest Jumps Jumped Before A Fall”

Tamarin T.

“Stopped Square-ish 🏆🥇

Charline S.

“Sassiest tail swoosh on a hunter ….”


“Tack malfunction mid-class award 🏆”


“Most faults” 


“Champion Add-er”


“The most “That will be a thank you!” award!!🤣”


“Got a leg up with the wrong leg in a busy warm-up!” True story 😂”


“Once, at a year-end banquet I received “most chips in a single season” award and got a bag of Lays chips”


“We can’t believe you stayed on!”


“Best bronc rider -at the dressage show”

Have we gotten them all? Is anything missing?

Share in the comments!

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