Equestrians' Misadventures Using Only 6 Words

Equestrians' Misadventures Using Only 6 Words

Equestrians, by nature tend to be very creative individuals. A while back, we challenged our Facebook Followers to “Write An Equestrian Mis-Adventure Using Only 6 Words”. This post was met with an overwhelming response by riders of all disciplines. If you missed this hilarious post on our Facebook page, we’ve collected the most entertaining ones for you in this blog post! 

"Inflatable alligator freaks out chestnut mare!" - Angela P.
“More leg… More leg… Told you.” - Claire R.
"The turkey flew out of the grass… - Mary H.
"Butterflies are secretly demons with wings…." - Kaelyn D.
"I don’t need to lunge first…" - Nan B.
"The vet was JUST here…." - Ann G.
"He stopped. I did not." - Jennifer Ruff L.
"My pants ripped before my class…." - Jasmine F.
"Me, broken bones……horse all good!" - Mitzi J.
"Counting strides: three, two, one….Ouch." -Claire R.
"Shadows are evil demons from hell." - Malkhe B.
"She went over the oxer alone." - Megan R.
"Saddlebred saw snake…I’m on the ground…" - Taylor D.

What’s you’re 6-word mis-adventure? Leave it in the comments & maybe we’ll add it! 

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“Yeah..I bought him sight unseen..”


Comment from my trainer after a big spook tipped me off sideways and onto the ground…”It’s hard to sit a sideways canter…” to which I responded, “You mean you aren’t teaching us that?”


Ponies… closer to ground… closer to hell

Down centerline…X halt salute pray


I’ll tighten your girth for you…

Tamara Doloff

“I bought him off a video”

A Wa

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