Best Reasons Why You Should Buy a Horse - Wrong Answers Only

Best Reasons Why You Should Buy a Horse - Wrong Answers Only

A few weeks ago we asked our followers to share some best reasons why you should buy a horse - wrong answers only. We received many interesting and very funny responses! We've put together a collection of the most popular ones to share with you. 

Deadra B.

Cheapest pet to own. Totally fiscally responsible

Jesse Patrick L.

Not kidding, my sister bought a horse because they have the same birthday!

Kay B.

I need an emotional support animal because my husband doesn't understand me.

Rose W.

Shoveling manure daily brings me joy. 

Jillian P.

They just eat grass! Great lawnmower!


Tammy R.

They will look so nice in the pasture. They will complete the "look" - Property Brothers

Lisa H.

Because they are easy travel companions.

Carolyn L.

I don’t have that color yet!

Tracie W.

Because my husband plays golf so I need an equally expensive and time consuming hobby.

Michelle B.

They pretty much look after themselves!

Jessie B.

Because what else can you do with all that extra money you have laying around?

Angie B.

My partner said no more.

Kari W.

My husband didn’t tell me he loved me this morning.

Ceylona C.

Supports your local vet.

Denise K.

I wanted to experience flying.

Dennis R.

Better mileage than an electric vehicle.

Carrie R.

Because they are healthy as a horse. They are so low maintenance.


Have you found your favorite? Or you have a better one? 

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So I won’t have any money to buy drugs.


I love owning horses because I don’t ever want to have any extra money.


You know the saying, “healthy as a horse”…Horses are extremely low maintenance. Hardly ever need a vet, right?


How many horses do I really need???
Just one more!!!


Because I by so many shoes a year for the horse that I do not feel guilty if I by a pair of shoes for myself,

Wendy Elwell

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