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Half Chap Guide: Sizing, Fit, Style

If you’re looking for an alternative to a tall boot for leg protection, half chaps may be your answer. They provide the support and protection benefits of tall boots, but they’re worn with comfortable paddock boots. This half chap guide includes what you need to know about half chaps, with some great brand recommendations to try.

What Are Half Chaps?

Half chaps are worn on a rider’s lower leg for support and protection. They function to prevent chafing and rubbing caused by stirrup leathers and help keep the rider’s breeches from riding up or twisting. When they are worn with paddock boots, they offer the functionality of a tall boot: protecting the lower leg while providing a better grip on the saddle. They are available in a range of colors and materials, including leather, suede, and synthetic leather.

Half chaps are often worn for everyday schooling and riding. Some people only wear their tall boots for competitions and special occasions and leave their everyday riding to half chaps with paddock boots. The combined cost of paddock boots and half chaps is generally less than the cost of tall boots, so using half chaps can also reduce startup costs for newer riders. Half chaps are usually easier to fit than tall boots and don’t require much of a break-in period, so they are often more comfortable than tall boots, especially when first purchased.

How to Measure for Half Chaps

As with most of the gear horse riders wear, you’ll want to measure your legs to make sure the half chaps fit correctly. To start, make sure you are wearing the pants you plan to wear with your half chaps, whether that be riding tightsbreeches, or even jeans. Then take your measurements following the steps below.

  1. Sit in a chair with your knees bent at a ninety-degree angle and your feet flat on the floor. 
  2. Have someone help to measure your calf at its widest point using a cloth tape measure. This measurement should be taken over your pants.
  3. Measure your lower leg from the floor to the tendon located at the back of your knee.
  4. Last, compare your measurements to the size chart for the brand you are interested in and select your half chaps.

Try the half chaps on with your paddock boots to ensure a proper fit and to make sure they are tall enough to accommodate your boots. When you put the half chaps on, slide the elastic stirrup at the bottom over the toe of your boot, and place it in front of the heel of your boot. Then fasten the enclosures at the back or along the outside of the boot. The half chaps should feel very snug when you first try them on. The leather will mold to your leg shape, so they will loosen a bit after a few days of wear. You don’t want them to be too loose when you are first trying them on, or they will become baggy with wear.

Ariat Half Chaps

Ariat is a well-known brand that makes quality leather half chaps for women, men, and children. Ariat half chaps are lined for comfort and safety and available in a range of colors. These half chaps are breathable, have full-length side panels for added flexibility, and have an adjustable top strap behind the knee for a custom fit.

Ariat Half Chaps Size Chart

Ariat Half Chap Size Chart

Pair your Ariat half chaps with the perfectly fitted boot. Check out our Ariat Boot Guide: Sizing, Fit, and Styles.

Tredstep Half Chaps

Tredstep is known for innovation and quality, and this holds true when it comes to their half chaps. Tredstep’s exclusive stretch leather offers maximum comfort while providing a premium look.

  • Tredstep Medici Air Half Chap ($139.95) — Made out of beautiful premium leathers with lightweight perforated Neoprene, the newly designed Medici Air will ensure the perfect fit and next-level comfort.
  • Tredstep Deluxe Half Chap ($149.95) — Suitable for everyday use, Tredstep’s Deluxe Half Chaps feature their exclusive stretch leather for an incredible fit. We also love the design of this half chap and the full-grain pebbled leather. 

Tredstep Half Chap Size Chart

Tredstep Half Chap Size Chart

Perri’s Leather Half Chaps

Perri’s Leather provides top-quality leather products made in the USA. They offer half chaps in adult and child sizes that are made with an eco-friendly process. Perri’s Leather chaps are known for their comfort and quality.

  • Perri’s Pro Half Chaps ($102.50) — Soft, premium calfskin chaps that are so comfortable, you’ll forget to take them off. These chaps are crafted for performance and provide a nearly custom fit.
  • Perri’s Child Professional Half Chaps ($89.95)— Your child will love these comfortable premium leather chaps. They zip easily and have snaps to keep them secure while riding.

Perri’s Leather Half Chaps Size Chart

Perris Half Chap Size Chart

Other Popular Half Chaps:

We'd be at a miss if we didn't give these popular youth and adult haf chaps a mention.

  • Dublin Easy Care Half Chaps II ($38.95) — Designed to perform even better than the original, this child's half chap is durable, washable and it looks great! The elasticized calf ensures a great fit.
  • TuffRider Children's Airflow Synthetic Half Chaps ($44.45) — We love these half chaps because they are made with Tuffrider's airflow material that will help keep your young riders cooler on warmer days. The high cut profile and full back zipper give these stylish half chaps the look of a tall boot.
  • EGO 7 Lyra Half Chaps By Tucci ($195) — Premium boot maker Tucci pulled out all the stops with the Ego 7 Lyra Half Chaps. They have a distinctive and elegant styling and fit, and EGO 7’s soft leather is enhanced with an E-TEX inside calf panel. This half chap is soft, form-fitting, highly durable, water-resistant, and will not stain your saddle. What more could you ask for.
Dublin Half Chap Size Chart
Tuffrider Half Chap Size Chart
Ego 7 Half Chap Size Chart
Half chaps provide a comfortable, effective, and often more affordable option to tall boots. They’re a great choice for new equestrians who aren’t yet ready to invest in tall boots, and when worn with a paddock boot they can be a great alternative to help your tall boots last longer. Some of them look so great, it’s hard to see it’s not a tall boot after all.

Explore our full collection of half chaps, which are tested by staff for performance. If you have questions about any of our products, give us a call at 864-457-3557. We’re happy to help!


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