11 Best Waterproof Riding Boots

Equestrians know almost any day is a great opportunity for exercise and bonding time, even when the weather is dreary! However, riding in the rain requires gear that will stand up to the elements and keep you comfortable and dry — including a good pair of waterproof horse riding boots. Here’s what to look for in a great waterproof riding boot, along with some of our top recommendations.

What To Look for in Waterproof Horse Riding Boots

When you’re looking for a great pair of waterproof riding boots, start with the basics. You want a boot designed for horseback riding, as they have very specific safety features. These features include a sturdy toe and a small heel that’s around an inch high to protect your foot from sliding through the stirrup. The sole of the boot may be slightly textured as well. 

Next, look for boots that are waterproof, to ensure your feet will stay dry and comfortable. Waterproof horseback riding boots may be made of rubber, leather, or synthetic leather. Waterproof boots should also be breathable to ensure airflow. Last, make sure the boots are comfortable and fit you well. There’s no point keeping your feet dry if the boots pinch!

10 Best Waterproof Horse Riding Boots

True horse lovers are out riding, rain or shine, without question. You need the right gear on those rainy days to keep you dry and comfortable, so waterproof horse riding boots are a must. Here are some of our favorites that we’re sure you’ll love, too.

1. Ariat Women's Terrain Pull-On Waterproof Boot ($144.95)

Ariat Women's Terrain Pull On Waterproof Boot

Ariat is a top brand for horse riding boots, and they have a number of great offerings for waterproof boots. The Ariat Terrain boot has the styling of both a work boot and a western boot in one waterproof boot. It’s made of full-grain leather and suede and has a moisture-wicking lining that keeps your feet dry and well-ventilated. This boot has great traction, shock absorption, and stability for all-day comfort. 

2. Ariat Men’s Terrain Pull-On Boot (154.95)

Ariat Men's Terrain Pull On Waterproof Boot

The Terrain boot is also available in a men’s version with all the great features included in the women’s boot.


3. Kerrits Woodstock Waterproof Barn Boot ($139.99)

Kerrits Woodstock Waterproof Boots

Kerrits Woodstock barn boot doesn't just look great, it features their RideDry™ full-grain leather waterproof upper with seam-seals ensuring your feet will stay dry. You'll also love the K-Stride™ midsole that improves stability and reduces fatigue, and of course Kerrits molded heel to keep your spurs in place. Kerrits has fused all their best top features to make this a great waterproof boot for riders.

4. Tuffrider Women’s Lexington Waterproof Tall Boot ($199.95)

TuffRider Women's Lexington Waterproof Tall Boots

Tuffrider makes great tall waterproof riding boots, and this fashionable and functional Lexington boot is a fan favorite. It’s made with leather and contrasting suede and offers exceptional waterproof protection with the durability you need. This boot has a heavy-duty, high-traction rubber sole for comfort and an elastic gusset and drawstring design for unmatched functionality. This boot is made to last.

5. TuffRider Children's Lexington Waterproof Tall Boot ($157.95)

TuffRider Children's Lexington Waterproof Tall Country Boots

The TuffRider Lexington boot is also available in children’s sizes, perfect for young riders who are willing to get a little wet.

6. Dublin River Boots III ($174.95)

Dublin River Boots III

Another great boot for wet weather is the Dublin River Boot. Stay dry and comfortable all day with the waterproof liner. This boot is fashionable enough to wear around the barn or to go into town. It has a moisture-wicking footbed system and a breathable nylon lining. This boot is made of leather, and it’s durable enough to take whatever you throw at it!

7. Ariat Women’s Savannah Waterproof Boot ($204.95)

Ariat Women's Savannah Waterproof Boot

If you’re looking for a stylish boot without the look of a waterproof boot, Ariat has risen to the occasion with the Savannah Boot. Savannah offers a “spirited take on the popular “engineer” silhouette,” and it’s definitely a crowd-pleaser. This boot is made of full-grain leather and nubuck, with a buckle and fashionable slouchy design you’ll love. And best of all, it’s fully waterproof, designed to keep you dry on any wet-weather days.

8.Ariat Women's Charlie H20 Waterproof Boot ($154.95)

Ariat Women's Charlie H20 Waterproof Boot

The Ariat Charlie Boot is another stylishly designed waterproof boot. It’s classically styled with a fun modern twist. This boot is made of waterproof full-grain leather with a comfortable and removable cushioning insole you’ll love. This boot may be the perfect mix of style, comfort, and durability — a great example of the quality you can expect from Ariat. 

9. Ariat Men’s Terrain Waterproof Boot ($129.95)

Ariat Men's Terrain Waterproof Boot 

Ariat offers a top waterproof boot for men, too, and the Terrain Boot is where it’s at! This boot is ready to meet any challenge. It has a well-cushioned insole for comfort and provides great support and shock absorption. And the oiled full-grain leather is waterproof and stylish. The lining is moisture-wicking to keep your feet dry and comfortable, and the sole is made to withstand wear for a highly durable boot. 

10. Ariat Women's Ignite Chelsea Waterproof Boot ($129.95)

Ariat Women's Ignite Chelsea Waterproof Boot

This Ariat Ignite Chelsea boot may just be our favorite after-ride boot! They’re easy to slip on, and the insole is so cushy and comfortable. It’s the perfect blend of a boot and a sneaker. The Ignite Chelsea Waterproof Boot has a stylish leather upper with waterproof construction. There’s an elastic stretch at the topline, and the sole is made of recycled rubber, something you can feel good about. These boots are unmatched for comfort after a long ride.


11. TuffRider Galloway Country Boot ($153.95)

These mid height river style boots are a fabulous price point for the equestrian looking for an inexpensive waterproof boot without breaking the bank. They are stylish and comfortable with waterproof leather and a breathable nylon lining. The memory foam footbed makes gives your feet soft support all day long, while the durable outsole stands up strong to daily barn chores. 

These boots aren't just waterproof at the foot, but all the way up to the flexible calf gusset. Those big puddles in the ring, and at the pasture gate are no match for these stylish boots. 

 TuffRider Galloway Country Waterproof Boots


Choose a Boot That Will Keep You Dry in the Worst Rainy Weather

It’s no fun riding with soggy feet, even for the staunchest horse lovers. Do yourself a favor and get a pair of quality waterproof boots that will keep your feet dry and comfortable in any weather mother nature throws at you! We hope this list is helpful for you, and of course, feel free to reach out to ask us questions about any of these products.

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