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Wilker's Quilted Pillow Wraps

Wilker's Quilted Pillow Wraps

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We love these Wiker's quilted wraps because of the foam and cotton combination that gives your horse ultimate comfort. 

The Wilker's combo quilted wraps are some of the most popular foam/cotton pillow wraps on the market today. These pillow wraps are made of a 50/50 broadcloth top, and a 100% cotton flannel underside, quilted over 1/2" foam. These cushy pillow wraps are great for shipping, or use as a standing bandage. Great support and a durable, washable cotton, make these wraps a must have for every barn.

  • 10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 20"
  • Washable cotton
  • 100% cotton flannel underside
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