USG Flexi Motion Children's Body Protector Vest

We love the USG Flexi Motion Children's Body Protector Vest because of the durable materials will help keep your children safe and comfortable. 

USG Body Protectors are an ideal preventive measure in the event of an emergency, designed to offer protection to the rider by absorbing the high levels of energy created when falling off or being kicked by a horse. The USG safety products have won many BETA awards for safety & security and they are certified to the highest BETA and European standards.

The USG Flexi Motion Vest is highly flexible body protector with smaller triangular blocks which allow for maximum movement, flexibility, and comfort. The outside material is washable, dirt-repellent Polyester. Width and length are easily adjusted on the shoulders and waist with heavy-duty velcro closures.

Certified according to EN 13158-2009 Level 3 and BETA label Level 3

  • Washable
  • Adjustable on shoulders and waist
  • Heavy-duty Velcro