Trust Inno Sense Hanging Cheek Flexi Soft

We really love this Trust Inno Sense Hanging Cheek Flexi Soft bit because of the eggbut variant that is where smaller rings are attached on top of the main rings.

This bit is extremely flexible and made out of elastic synthetic material. The inside has a metal core than is very flexible. Horses tend to accept this bit better for its flexibility and softness but because of this, this bit may not be most suitable for stronger horses.

 The Trust Inno Sense Hanging Cheek Flexi Soft bit is most helpful with younger horses and horses with a sensitive mouth.

  • FDA approved
  • Material contains no plasticizers so it is non-toxic to people and animals

**Due to the contagious nature of the equine disease EHV 1 and per biosecurity measure guidelines suggested by the American Association of Equine Practitioners, The Farm House will no longer accept any returns on bits and bit accessories.**

Previous SKU information:

  • 05003080 - 11.5cm
  • 05003082 - 13.5cm