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Tech Stirrups

Tech Venice Children EVO Sloped Stirrup

Tech Venice Children EVO Sloped Stirrup

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We love the Tech Venice Children Evo Sloped Stirrup irons for kids because they are made for young riders aiming for victory! These irons, formerly the Tech Venice Pony Irons, have been slightly upgraded since the initial release, including a more streamlined look, wider opening, and a replaceable balanced level footbed. These wonderful stirrups combine fine Italian craftsmanship with a technologically advanced design to produce a high-performance stirrup iron that offers the security riders need at all levels.

The Venice Children Evo irons feature a revolutionary magnetic mechanism positioned on the iron's outside branch that allows the spring-loaded branch of the iron to open easily in the event of a fall. Once the iron has released the foot, the branch automatically returns to its original position. The tread design allows for perfect grip, and is angled 2.5° for perfect heels-down position, plus the concave tread enhances contact.

The spring-loaded safety branch will only open in the event of a fall. This iron has been shown to work with children who weigh as little as 40 pounds. 

  • 4" footbed sized for young riders 
  • Magnetic mechanism for easy foot release
  • Concave tread for enhanced contact
  • Wash with water after use
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