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Jump'in Small Cheek Pelham Bit

We love this Jump'In Small Cheek Pelham Bit for the quality materials and design that your horse will appreciate. 

The Pelham bit is a great compromise between the bridle and the double bridle. It offers a lever action more or less strong depending on the cheeks length, the curb chain adjustment and how it is assembled. This bit helps the horse give in in the neck and exercises pressure on the mandibles.

The curb cannon helps the horse take a better contact on the bit while the rider keeps maximum control. Every Pelham bit can be used directly with two reins, with bit loops or with four reins. Therefore, the curb chain action can be softened by using other curb chain types as leather or nylon ones.
  • Size: 13.5cm
  • 45 mm long bars and a standard 17 mm thick cannon
  • German Silver (65% copper, 23% zinc, 12% nickel) 
  • Maintenance advice: rinse the bit after each use to prevent any residue deposit and to avoid your horse to feel any discomfort.

**Due to the contagious nature of the equine disease EHV-1 and per biosecurity measure suggested by the American Association of Equine Practitioners, Farm House Tack will no longer accept any returns on bits or bit accessories.**