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R.J. Classics Equestrian Apparel

RJ Classics Women's Sonoma Show Coat

RJ Classics Women's Sonoma Show Coat

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We truly love these jackets for their amazing high quality material they are made up of and outstanding functionality 

For the traditionalist looking for a modern twist, Sonoma offers 3 button styling with zipper pockets, and a hidden interior zipper providing a proper presentation with a perfect fit. The fabric features a unique textured mesh design which allows for more air flow and a modern aesthetic, while still maintaining great structure and comfort. This collection highlights a completely unconstructed design, eliminating lining and shoulder pads which allows for maximum freedom of movement.

The fabrics are premium imported Italian jersey that allows air flow between fibers for cooling, eco-friendly fabric construction, quick drying, resistant to pilling and wrinkle free for easy travel. Eco fabric construction ensures high quality product with minimal materials or energy wasted during the production process. Durable fabric features pill resistance to maintain original appearance through time and wrinkle free fabric which allows the garment to travel easily.

  • Premium Italian Jersey fabric
  • Unconstructed design for ultimate freedom of movement
  • Machine washable
  • Eco fabric construction
  • Quick drying
  • Hidden interior zipper
  • Unique textured mesh design allows for more air flow
  • Great structure and comfort
  • Maximum freedom of movement
  • Resistant to pilling and wrinkle free
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