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Prestige 3E149 Rubber Reins w/ 7 Stoppers

Prestige 3E149 Rubber Reins w/ 7 Stoppers

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We love the Prestige Italia Rubber Reins Ultra Thin E149 style because of how thin they are and how well they fit in your hands. Not bulky but substantial enough to get the job done. 

The reins E 149 by Prestige are made of robust rubber, which not only makes them non-slip but also durable. With a width of 19 mm, this rein lies comfortably in the hand. The 7 stoppers on the reins offer an ideal orientation aid and prevent your hands from slipping through. The rein E 149 replaces the rein E 148.


  • material: rubber
  • 16 mm diameter
  • 7 stoppers
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