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Pharmakas Hypofekt Zipper Care

Pharmakas Hypofekt Zipper Care

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We love Pharmakas Hypofekt Zipper Care because you can use this on a variety of zippers! 

Pharmakas Hypofekt Zipper Care for intensely used metal or plastic zippers on riding boots, shoes, bags and clothing. Does not smear or stain either leather or clothing. Also highly suitable for buckles and snap hooks on straps or rugs.

Application: Remove general dirt from zippers. Spray and allow to take effect for a moment, then open and close zipper several times.

  • Cleaning and care
  • Suitable for metal and plastic zippers on riding boots, shoes, bags, clothing, buckles, snap hooks on straps or rugs ect.
  • Grease-free! It does not stain boots or clothing
  • Easy to use
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