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Pharmakas Hoof Balm Strengthener

Pharmakas Hoof Balm Strengthener

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We love Pharmakas Hoof Balm Strengthener for the calming oils that will help keep the hoof supple! 

Pharmakas Hoof-Balm Strengthener improves hoof growth and strengthens the hoof horn. Selected oils and waxes protect against brittle and dry hooves.

Application: Apply to hoof horn and coronet

  • Avoid contact with eyes and mucous mem - branes
  • Do not store above 40°C
  • Improves hoof growth and strengthens the hoof horn
  • Only selected calming oils (avocado and eucalyptus oil) and waxes
  • No laurel oil – perfect for horses that are allergic to laurel oil
  • No flavors and colors
  • Especially for brittle and dry hooves
  • Maintains the elasticity of the hooves


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