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Perfect Products EQ

Perfect Products GastroPrep EQ Paste

Perfect Products GastroPrep EQ Paste

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We love Perfect Prep for their variety of products they offer that help from calming, comforting and protecting different parts of our horses. 

GastroPrep EQ™ rapid gastric support paste relieves your horse’s pre-event gastric jitters with targeted, fast-acting ingredients.

  • Great for use before stressful situations or for horses showing signs of gastric discomfort.
  • Offers near-instant support for all segments of the digestive tract.
  • Supplies acid neutralizers and soothing agents for quick stomach relief.
  • Probiotics help to balance GI flora, often disrupted by stress or travel.
  • Prebiotics help support hindgut integrity.
  • Contains no prohibited substances.
Suggested Use: For pre-event or shipping, administer 30cc to 60cc 1 hour prior to event or transport. Effects begin immediately and last up to 8 hours. For horses in distress, administer 60cc.* Repeat in 90 minutes if conditions persist. Flows best at room temperature.

Tips for Best Results: GastroPrep EQ™ is great to use alongside UlcerGard® and GastroGard® (medications that your vet may prescribe). GastroPrep EQ™ may be used continually afterwards to maintain digestive support.

*Always contact your veterinarian if your horse is exhibiting signs of gastric distress.
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