Penelope Smoothie Bridle

We love this bridle because of it's comfortable design for your horse, and because it comes with reins!

Headpiece, browband and noseband come with a leather padding, a patent leather trim and contrasting white stitches. The browband is in a V shape to make your horse's head even prettier. The noseband is wide and comes with a noseband attachment, which is fully removable. The headpiece is wide so that there can be a better spread of the pressure on the horse's neck. Smoothie Bridle is sold with a pair of reins included. It can be used for competitions, or trainings, you pick! And there is an elastic in the reins buckles, and cheeks to make the hand a little bit smoother. 

  • 100% cow leather buckles
  • 100% stainless steel
  • Comes with Reins
  • Leather padding