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One K CCS MIPS Helmet Refit Liner

One K CCS MIPS Helmet Refit Liner

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We love this One K CCS MIPS Helmet Refit Liner because it allows your helmet to grow instead of having to continuously buy helmets for a growing child or a different helmet for how you wear your hair. 

If a One K™ CCS MIPS Helmet does not come in your size, you can easily change the liner for a perfect fit. The liners also provide ultimate flexibility for growing children, shared helmets, or women who wear hair differently for schooling and show. Three shells make up all sizes, and the liners help you fit the shell.

The base shells are Medium, Large, and X-Large. Use the Medium size helmet with a Small or X-Small liner to change the fit of the Medium helmet into a Small or X-Small. The Large shell will only accommodate a Large liner and cannot be size-adjusted but having an extra liner on hand is always nice. Use the X-Large size helmet with the XX-Large liner to change the fit to XX-Large.

  • Refit Liner 

  • Provides the Perfect Fit

  • Flexibility of Keeping the Same Helmet

  • Fits the 3 Base Shells

One K CCS MIPS Helmets: 

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