Nunn Finer Scrub Rub

We love this because it combines the best aspects of a sponge, a curry comb, and a rub rag all in one. It is the most versatile product & removes anything from sweat marks to dingy deep dirt.  

 Set your equestrian equipment standards higher, Farm House Tack has all you need from Nunn Finer!

 Try our great new grooming product! Not a sponge, or a curry comb, or a rub rag…it’s all three in one. Use it dry and it removes sweat marks and caked-on dirt. Use it wet and it gets to that deep and hard-to-reach dirt.  It’s soft enough for faces and legs, and sturdy enough to use for baths in the wash stall. It gives a stimulating skin massage while providing gentle exfoliation; even the thinnest-skinned horses love it!  Removes dog and cat hair like a champ. Also great for cleaning that caked-on grime from your nastiest tack. How’s that for multitasking? Try it today!

Small (6" x 4.5")
Large (9" x 6")
X-Large (9"x13")