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Nunn Finer

Nunn Finer Scrub Rub

Nunn Finer Scrub Rub

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We love this Nunn Finer Scrub Rub, because it combines the best aspects of a sponge, a curry comb and a rub rag all in one. It is the most versatile product and removes anything from sweat marks to dingy deep dirt.  

Not a sponge, or a curry comb, or a rub rag…it’s all three in one. Use it dry and it removes sweat marks and caked-on dirt. Use it wet and it gets to that deep and hard-to-reach dirt.  It’s soft enough for faces and legs, and sturdy enough to use for baths in the wash stall. It gives a stimulating skin massage while providing gentle exfoliation; even the thinnest-skinned horses love it!  Removes dog and cat hair like a champ. Also great for cleaning that caked-on grime from your nastiest tack. 

  • Combination of a Sponge, Curry Comb & Rub Rag

  • Use it Dry or Wet

  • Soft Enough for Faces & Legs

  • Sturdy Enough for Baths 

  • Provides Gentle Exfoliation 

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