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Nunn Finer

Nunn Finer Leather Gag Cheeks

Nunn Finer Leather Gag Cheeks

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We love the Nunn Finer Leather Gag Cheeks for how easily they function - no more screws or stitching! 
Event rider Denise Rath has reinvented the gag cheeks for Nunn Finer®.  The simplest solution yet!  Just slide the rope down through the gag bit, then loop the rope over the ring. That's it, no more screws or stitching.
    • Colors: Black, Havana
    • Sizes: 
      • Cob - 12.5"
      • Horse - 14"

    Colors: Black, Havana or New Market
    Sizes: Cob - 12.5" or Horse - 14"

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