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Nunn Finer

Nunn Finer Stealth Hackamore

Nunn Finer Stealth Hackamore

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We love the Nunn Finer® Stealth Hackamore because of the fine materials used and sleek design. 

The Nunn Finer® Stealth Hackamore is designed with a noseband that follows the natural contours of the horse’s face with wide, soft padding to ensure comfort. Not only crafted for optimum performance, but to look awesome as well. Stainless steel shank cheekpieces. American made, premium American Leather nosepiece and chin strap. Comes with your choice of a leather or chain curb. One-Year Workmanship Guarantee.

  • High Leverage: horse needing heavy added pressure and quite resistant
  • Cheekpiece Length: 6 3/4"
  • Cheekpiece Width:3 1/4"
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