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Lexol Leather Cleaner Quickwipes

Lexol Leather Cleaner Quickwipes

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We love Lexol Leather Cleaner Quickwipes because they come in a convenient wipe. 

Don't forget to follow this link to get step #2, the Lexol Leather Conditionoing Wipes! 

Lexol® Leather Cleaner is pH-balanced to match the pH of leather so that it safely cleans and doesn't cause harm or deterioration to leather-like traditional Saddle Soap can. It's ideal for smooth leather tack including saddles, bridles, harnesses, and riding boots. The high foaming action lifts and suspends dirt and oils so they can easily be wiped away, yet it leaves no scum or tacky residue. Plus, our convenient Quick Wipes make cleaning a cinch when you are pressed for time or on the go. For best results, use this with Lexol® Conditioner or Neatsfoot.

  • 25 wipes
  • PH-balanced to match the pH of leather
  • Quick wipe method 


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