Korsteel Stainless Steel Polo Pelham Bit

We love the Korsteel Stainless Steel Polo Pelham Bit because the Pelham is ideal for polo as it allows for the function of a double bridle, but is easier to hold one-handed.
  • Offering a stronger alternative to snaffle bits, incorporation of the Weymouth and Bradoon
  • Can be used with two reins, first reins acting as a snaffle, the second offering poll pressure also adding curb pressure
  • Can also be used with single reins and roundings
  • Ported mouthpiece discourages the horse from putting the tongue over the bit 
Due to the contagious nature of the equine disease EHV 1 and in accordance to biosecurity measures suggested by the American Association of Equine Practitioners we are no longer able to accept returns on bits.

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