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Kerrits Kids Coolcore Full Leg Tech Tight

Kerrits Kids Coolcore Full Leg Tech Tight

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From morning lessons to afternoon adventures with the neighborhood crew, durable Coolcore® Fabric Keeps Kids cool and comfortable with thermoregulating power that's built right into the recycled fibers with no chemical treatment. Ideal for the dog and pony days of summer, these stretchy tights wick and breathe, adding stick without sweat with Kerrits Sticks Silicone full leg grip. Two convenient side pockets are perfect for phone and pony treats.

Benefits of Coolcore®
Coolcore® fabrics are engineered to distribute moisture quickly throughout the garment. This essentially eliminates any sweat spots that would normally appear. Since the moisture spreads throughout the garment, it will dry much faster keeping you cool and comfortable.

  • Two side pockets 
  • Full leg grip
  • Stretch and breathability 
  • Keeps kids cool and comfortable 
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