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Ice Horse

Ice Horse Knee Wrap

Ice Horse Knee Wrap

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We love the easy-to-use Ice Horse® Knee Wraps that provides uniform compression and coverage to reduce heat and swelling around the entire knee joint. Comes with a suspender strap so the wraps stay in place. 

Ice packs mold to the horses legs for maximum coverage and stay cold for over 2 hours. Ice packs are reusable. When done, simply place your packs back in the freezer. Within hours they are ready to use again.

Ice Horse® Knee Wraps are made with Quadraspan™ anti-migration fabric. Our unique breathable fabric keeps the wraps in place on the horses leg and the ice compressed against the area being treated. Specially placed Velcro® closures allow for a secure tight fit every time. Removal is easy – no yanking or jerking on the tabs to undo. 

  • Maximum Coverabd

  • Reusable Inserts 

  • Cold for 2+ Hours

  • Anti-Migration & Breathable Fabric

  • Secure Fit

  • Easy Removal 

When using Ice Horse products they recommend your horse not be left unattended.

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