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Hit-Air Low Profile VH Vest

Hit-Air Low Profile VH Vest

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We love the VH by Hit-Air for its innovation in safety! This is the latest addition to the Hit Air Performance Collection. This sought-after air-vest stands out for its combination of comfort, style, and sophistication, thanks to its low-profile design. Aligned with the updated CE Equestrian Certification Standards (NF S72-800-2022), this model and other Hit-Air variants offer top-notch quality.

The VH boasts a discreet and sleek design that conceals the CO2 canister, ensuring minimal visibility. With its soft, flexible fabric and innovative combined airbags, this vest enhances impact protection. Riders appreciate the competitive pricing, solidifying Hit-Air’s position as a pioneer in wearable airbag safety technology.

Setting a new benchmark in equestrian safety gear, the VH by Hit-Air impresses equestrian with its innovative design and advanced features. Riders can expect a harmonious blend of style and functionality, meeting the latest CE equestrian certification while prioritizing comfort and performance. The well-thought-out placement of the CO2 canister with the lay flat design ensures rider a streamline appearance. Hit-Air’s dedication to quality and affordability resonates globally, establishing it as a frontrunner in airbag safety technology.

With a focus on convenience, the vest is available in three standard sizes – Small, Medium, and Large – all in timeless Black color. Despite its slim discreet profile, the VH performance is paramount. The Small and Medium VH models come equipped with 50cc canisters and the large size accommodating a 60cc canister. Riders benefit from quick-deploying vests, ensuring swift protection when needed. The synergistic effect of airbag and shock absorbing pads provides better impact protection. Ride with confidence as the VH low profile model is backed back the research and development fueled by the pioneer is wearable airbag safety. 

What included

  • 1 CO2 canister
  • Attachment setup
  • Tool kit and Direction
  • Warranty Card
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