Hit Air Original Airbag Vest - Adult

The Hit-Air Original uses the new "harness type" airbag deployment for faster response time. The vest is lightweight and it's easy to forget you're wearing it. It is far more comfortable than previous models and much quieter keeping you and your horse happy. 

Additionally, these vests are designed to deploy outward away from the body making it more comfortable in the event of deployment. Many competing brands deploy inwards occasionally causing discomfort to the wearer when activated. 

  • This vest comes with an adjustable lanyard and classic saddle strap.  


  • S/M Fits sizes XS-M
  • Women's sizes 0-8 
  • Uses 48CC canister
  • M/L Fits sizes M-XL
  • Women's sizes 6-14
  • Men's Coat sizes 38-42
  • Uses 48CC canister

 All vests need a saddle strap attachment to function properly. The saddle strap connects to the stirrup bars, the vest is then connected to the saddle strap. Failure to use the Hit-Air saddle strap to connect your vest to your saddle may result in your vest failing to perform properly in the event of a fall.