Hit Air Airbag Vest -Adult

The manufacturer recommends this vest be used in addition to a body protector.

New Equestrian Eventing Models specially designed for competition.

This “harness type” airbag employs the new higher speed key ball mechanism (component that activates the CO2 cartridge). The LV model is especially light weight, cool and more comfortable than the competing brand. It is also much quieter when deployed than the competing brand, making it much less likely to spook the horse during an unintended deployment. Additionally these vests are designed to deploy outward away from the body making it more comfortable in the the event of deployment. Competing brands deploy inwards occasionally causing discomfort to the wearer when activated.

  • New high speed airbag deployment system
  • Recommended for use over body protector.
  • Uses 48cc cartridge
  • Available Black,
  • Weight 870g (1.9 pounds)
  • For Size, Measure from base of neck, to end of tail bone.

*These Items Cannot Be Shipped Expedited As The C02 cartridges are considered Hazmat.

Sizes (cm)/







4'11" - 5'5"

5'3" – 5'7"

5'4" – 5'9"

5'6" – 6'1"


31.5" - 34.6"

34" – 37.5"

37"- 41"

37" – 43"


26" - 29"

28" – 31"

30" – 33"

33" – 36"

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