Happy Mouth Copper Roller Mouth Loose Ring

We love the Happy Mouth Copper Roller Mouth Loose Ring Bit because it possess so many wonderful attributes that will make both you and your horse happy and will ensure many smooth, enjoyable rides! The design features an ergonomically shaped and curved center-link mouthpiece, which will give you plenty of control without being too severe. The 99.9% pure copper roller will promote salivation which will hep to keep your horse supple and responsive. This roller will also make your horse much more likely to take to this bit easily. This Happy Mouth bit even gives off an exclusive apple scent that will smell delightful to your horse!

The classic design of the Happy Mouth Loose Ring Snaffle Bit is made enjoyable for your horse with a 99.9% pure copper roller. Copper promotes natural salivation, keeping your horse's mouth supple and responsive to subtle rein cues while also providing a distinctively pleasant taste and smell to encourage rapid bit acceptance and maintain comfort throughout the riding experience. The soft and comfortable mouthpiece is sure to be a hit with your horse, it even features an exclusive apple scent to encourage your horse to readily take the bit. The ergonomically shaped and curved center-link mouthpiece sits comfortably in the horse's mouth providing gentle, yet effective contact and control without the "nutcracker" effect of traditional single-jointed snaffle mouthpieces. Made from non-toxic space-age plastic, this bit is a great alternative to traditional metal.  

  • Double jointed mouthpiece provides independent action on each side of the horse's mouth
  • Great for advanced training and won't interfere with horse's palate
  • Happy Mouth bits are non-toxic, flexible and long lasting with a stainless steel center core
  • Ergonomically Shaped Sweet Copper Mouthpiece Design
  • Rounded Solid Copper Center Link Creates Flexible Movement
  • Long-Lasting Favorable Apple Scent
  • Durable and Non-Toxic Plastic Mouthpieces
  • Stainless Steel Cheeks

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