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Happy Mouth Contour Copper Roller Eggbutt Bit

Happy Mouth Contour Copper Roller Eggbutt Bit

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We love this bit because of the space-age polymer combined with apple scent to seduce your horse for easier acceptance.  The copper mouthpiece is designed to keep a softer mouth and promotes calmer behavior.  

The unique Apple scent encourages horses to accept the bit and the space age polymer provides for a gentler bit for a happier horse. The Happy Mouth® Pro King Dee Bits feature a more traditional-looking Dee Ring cheek which is more desirable in the hunter and equitation arenas. Note that due to the construction on the cheek, this bit style will measure 1/4" less than the listed sizes state.

  • Space-age polymer
  • Apple scented
  • Copper Roller
  • Gentler bit for a happier horse
  • Curved mouthpiece
  • More traditional-looking Dee Ring cheek
  • Encourages horses to accept the bit
  • Sizes:
    • 5"
    • 5 1/2"
    • 5 3/4"

(Happy Mouth Bits offer no guarantees in the event of biting on the mouthpiece. Happy Mouth bits with bite marks are not covered under warranty.)

 **Due to the contagious nature of the equine disease EHV 1 and per biosecurity measure guidelines suggested by the American Association of Equine Practitioners, The Farm House will no longer accept any returns on bits and bit accessories.**

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