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FreeJump Collar

FreeJump Collar

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The FREEJUMP® COLLAR allows the rider to establish a relationship with the neck while maintaining a direct contact with the mouth.

Recognized by the best riders in the world, used in many riding schools around the world, the FREEJUMP® collar meets the requirements of both professional and amateur riders.

Developed with Eric Navet and acclaimed by Ludger Beerbaum, the FREEJUMP® COLLAR solves the many difficulties encountered with difficult, upset, sensitive, overly willing horses, with balance problems or with a delicate mouth. It helps to improve the rider’s position and balance and provides an effective aid to develop a light hand.

  • The adjustment of the length of the elastic band depends on whether the rider or the coach wants to work with a higher or lower hand.
  • The ideal setting is obtained after several attempts and must allow the hand to act on both the mouth and the base of the neck.
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