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Freejump Air'S Stirrups

Freejump Air'S Stirrups

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We love these stirrups because it offers comfort, better balance, and optimized grip for the rider.
The Air’S stirrups offers a traditional architecture (stainless steel frame) with technical characteristics for more comfort, better balance and optimized grip. The technical options of the Air’S stirrups can be chosen: eye orientation (30° oriented or straight) and inclination of the florr (flat or 10° inclined). The Air’S stirrups are also customizable for a unique look (Air’S Custom stirrups): the colors of the stickers, the top banner, the floor and the elastomer can be chosen from a range of colors and flags.

The top banner in polyamide of the Air’S stirrups is designed to unclip in the event of strong pressure in order to facilitate the release of the foot.
  • Comfort
  • Better Balance
  • Optimized Grip
  • Customizable


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