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EZI-Groom Grip Dandy Brush

EZI-Groom Grip Dandy Brush

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We love the EZI-Groom Grip Dandy Brush sets because they are so gentle and effective on horses and are made to be durable and last.

Soft hold grip handle with stiff bristles, the long bristle dandy brush is good for flicking away dirt from the coat.

The small dandy brush has a soft hold grip back and stiff synthetic bristles. Removes mud and sweat from unclipped horses and ponies without removing the essential oils from the coat.

  • Small: 
    • 170mm long
    • 45mm bristle
    • Soft hold grip back 
    • Removes mud and sweat
    • Stiff synthetic bristles
  • Large: 
    • 205mm long
    • 75mm bristles
    • Soft hold grip handle
    • Good for flicking away dirt from the coat
    • Stiff synthetic bristles
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