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Eskadron Pull On & Velcro Bell Boot

Eskadron Pull On & Velcro Bell Boot

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We love the Eskadron Pull On & Velcro Bell Boots for the sheer reason that it protects your much loved riding companion. In fact, bell boots protect against injuries to the coronary band and heel bulbs — areas that, when hurt, can cause lameness, bleed heavily, are slow to heal and may cause permanent problems.

Taking this into consideration, you want to select the best bell boots out there for a reasonable amount of money. Look no further! These bell boots are extremely durable (being made or rippled leather) but are also soft and pliable. This ribbed rubber guarantees your horse extra protection against brushing, banging, etc. while either at work or play!

Made of strong, rippled, but nevertheless soft rubber, available either in pull-on form or with double Velcro fastening. Extremely strong, flexible and soft bell boots. Made in Germany. 

  • Heavy-duty hook-and-loop fasteners with prominent branding keep them secure
  • Made of premium quality ribbed rubber
  • Extremely strong, flexible and soft
  • Durable
  • Sold as a pair
  • 100% Gummi/Latex


  • S: 4.5" diameter, 3.75" tall 
  • M: 5" diameter, 3.75" tall 
  • L: 5.5" diameter, 4.25" tall 
  • XL: 6" diameter, 4.25" tall
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