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Equine Couture Matte Pony All Purpose Saddle Pad

Equine Couture Matte Pony All Purpose Saddle Pad

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We love the Equine Conture Matte Pony All-Purpose Saddle Pad, because the metallic and sparkle colors add some personality while the pad itself is comfortable for your horse

Give your pony's riding turnout an upgrade with the Matte Pony All Purpose Saddle Pad by Equine Couture. Your pony will be in bliss with quilted cushioning and a gentle sloping spine shape to allow for wither clearance. The Moisture management keeps sweat and excessive bacteria build up at bay.

A double metallic/sparkle border trim gives a touch of detail without being overly flashy. Hook and loop billet keeper and girth loop both work to prevent sliding under saddle.

  • Matte with Double Metallic/Sparkle Trim
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Hook and Loop Billet Keeper and Girth Loop
  • Small Quilt Pattern
  • Polyester
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