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Equiline Erbe Tech Saddlepad

Equiline Erbe Tech Saddlepad

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We love this Equiline Erbe Tech Saddlepad for its beautiful detailing and comfortable style.

The Erbe Tech Saddlepad made with high technical stretch fabric and padded with 900 grams of pure breathable cotton wadding, equipped with UPF 50+ sun block. Made with ACS2 system that guarantees high breathability and excellent shock absorption. The inside is in natural hypoallergenic “no-dyed” cotton to guarantee maximum horse’s wellbeing. The added Equiline logo with rhinestones sets this saddlepad apart. 

  • High-Tech Stretch Fabric

  • Padded

  • UPF 50+ Sun Blocking

  • ACS2 System

  • High Breathability & Shock Absorption

  • Inside is Natural Hypoallergenic "No-Dyed" Cotton

  • Rhinestone Equiline Logo

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