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Equiline American Hunter Jumping Saddle

Equiline American Hunter Jumping Saddle

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$6,300.00 USD

We love the Equiline American Hunter Jumping Saddle because it puts you in a great position and your leg feels secure with the adjustable front and back blocks.  The wider seat makes it more comfortable for you and your horse.  

Designed for a more open hip angle with a longer leg, the American Hunter features a narrow twist with a slightly wider seat. The saddle boasts a molded, padded flap with T-foam, along with removable knee and thigh blocks, bottom flap leather reinforcement, and Equiline’s stirrup bar locking system. The Stirrup bar is fixed 2 cm backward compared with other saddles. Includes an embossed Equiline logo for a classical look. 

Equiline's reticular-modular injection system supports the macromolecules in the lattice, creating greater stability in the points where needed with a very limited and fast torsional return. The result is a significant reduction in the stress of the material and the consequences for the horse.

  • Padded double leather
  • Removable/adjustable knee blocks
  • Fixed thigh block
  • Embossed Equiline logo

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