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EquiFit Adjustable Heel Lift

EquiFit Adjustable Heel Lift

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Breaking in new tall boots doesn't have to hurt. Our HeelLifts make the process more comfortable by alleviating pain in the back of the knee and preventing heel and ankle blisters as your boots drop and break in.

The Technical Stuff:

  • Resilient rubber layers maintain their lift while absorbing shock at the heel strike

  • Fully adjustable, our HeelLifts add 3/8" at full height, or you can simply peel away layers to create 1/4" or 1/8" as your boots drop or your needs change

  • Latex-free with a leather top cover for added durability

  • Material can be trimmed to accommodate different shoe styles and sizes

  • Sold as a Pair

    • Small size will fit a 5-7.5 women's shoe, approximately 2" W x 4.25" L

    • Medium size will fit an 8-9.5 women's shoe, approximately 2.5"W x 4.5" L

    • Large size will fit a 10+ women's shoe, approximately 3" W x 5"L


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