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EHI ProSeries Perfect Reins

EHI ProSeries Perfect Reins

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We love these reins for their unique laced braided style with a raised fancy stitch design. 

The perfect combination of style and functionality. The ProSeries Perfect Reins are a single laced leather rein that is meticulously designed to be much easier to hold, prevent slipping and maintain a lighter, steadier contact with the bridle. Perfect Reins are made of a vegetable tanned leather that has been pre-oiled twice, so they’re supple from the start and require no time to break in.

  • Single laced leather reins
  • Easier to hold, slip prevention
  • Lighter, steadier contact with the bridle 
  • Vegetable tanned leather, pre oiled twice 
  • Havana Brown with a raised fancy stitch design
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