Ego7 Socks

Bacteriostatic and odor control permanent effect: thanks to the silver microparticles, it ensures that no bacteria can grow in the textile, maintaining the natural balance of the skin at any level of activity. It naturally fights bacteria avoiding excessive and unpleasant proliferation.

Anti-static. Silver is known to be a good electric conductor so forget the annoying electrostatic charges.

Thermo-regulation. It regulates the foot temperature; it irradiates the power generated by the human body an reflects the heat distributing it evenly.

Anti-odor. Bacteria are just one of the causes of the body's smells. Thanks to the most advanced mix of intelligent polyamide yarns and the presence of the exclusive antimicrobial agents in the polymeric matrix, it offers a permanent antimicrobial effect able to reduce unpleasant odors in your garments.

Moisture-wicking. Skinlife built-in moisture wicking properties allow you to stay dry, for all-day freshness and comfort.

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