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Schweizer Effax

Effol White-Star Dry Shampoo

Effol White-Star Dry Shampoo

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We love this dry shampoo because you can use it for spot cleaning stains or washing larger areas on your horse. 

Effol WhiteStar Dry-Shampoo is especially designed for cleaning greys and other light colored horses and to highlight markings. If it is too cold for washing or short on time you can easily use Effol WhiteStar Dry-Shampoo without water.

Application: Simply spray onto the damp coat, rub in and remove with the Effol SuperCare Towel or the Effol Wonder-Sponge.


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  • Spot remover for yellow dung stains and grass stains 
  • PH-neutral, without whiteners and without peroxide
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