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ECP Quilted Correction Dressage Pad

ECP Quilted Correction Dressage Pad

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We love this ECP Dressage Cotton Correction Pad for the durability & memory foam, coupled with an array of colors you can choose from, making  this great for leisure or show.  This pad will help adjust the fit of your saddle to make your horse happy.  When you need extra support for you and your horse, ECP is the perfect choice!

ECP's Cotton Correction Pads let you create a customized level of support that is just right for your horse, allowing you to compensate for any changes in your horses back. With our correction pad system it puts the rider closer with the horse and provides the extra stability needed when using our correction system.

Diamond quilted top with brushed cotton on the underside (black and white-all other colors are quilted on both sides). 4 pockets (two in front and two in the rear), have 3 pieces of memory foam shims in each pock that lets you customize the support needed for relief of pressure points.

  • The memory foam shims are contoured specifically for both front and rear placement to give you the perfect fit.
  • The contoured top line of the pad promotes constant airflow for excellent circulation.
  • It absorbs and wicks away moisture leaving your horse feeling cool and dry.
  • Ideal for everyday use.
  • Can be used with our sheepskin saddle pads. 2 Nylon billet and girth straps secured with Velcro.
  • Top length: 22"
  • Drop length: 20"
  • Color: White

Don't forget your 12-Piece Memory Foam Insert Set which will allow you, & your horse to adapt appropriately to spots where extra support is needed.  Follow the link above to check out the inserts!

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