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ECP Quilted Correction All Purpose Pad

ECP Quilted Correction All Purpose Pad

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We love the ECP Quilted Correction All Purpose Pad for the durability & memory foam, coupled with an array of colors you can choose from, making this great for leisure or show.  Did we mention how easy this This pad is durable, breathable, & sure to come in the perfect color for any rider! When you need extra support for you and your horse, ECP is the perfect choice! 

ECP's Correction Pads feature an adaptable memory foam support system. 4 pockets on the top of the pad hold 3 shims of memory foam each. Move the shims to wherever support is needed for a semi-custom fit in any saddle! Enjoy the soft comfort of a traditional pad, combined with the shock absorbing power of memory foam. The correction system eliminates sore spots and pressure points, and allows for the same pad to be custom-fitted to multiple saddles and horses.

  • Our correction pad system puts the rider closer to the horse while providing extra stability and targeted support.
  • Traditional quilted cotton wicks away moisture for a cool and comfortable ride.
  • Top length: 22"
  • Drop length: 20"

Don't forget your 12-Piece Memory Foam Insert Set which will allow you, & your horse to adapt appropriately to spots where extra support is needed.  Follow the link above to check out the inserts!

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